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Most residential HVAC systems are leaky. From unsealed duct connections to failed foil tape, there are tons of escape routes for your precious, bought, and paid-for HVAC. Leaky ducts are no good. You want to use 100% of the air you are paying for rather than a small portion. It is a simple fix too. All you need to do is call Bradberry Service Company, Inc. to schedule a duct sealing appointment when you suspect or notice a spike in your monthly energy bills.

Duct Sealing Services from Bradberry Service Company, Inc.

Leaky ducts prevent our heating and cooling from getting into the desired areas of the household. If you are noticing hot and cold spots throughout the home, the reason could be the ducts. Even a small tear or a popped seam can significantly impact the whole home’s comfort. By properly sealing the ducts, the conditioned air is where it is supposed to go and the HVAC unit doesn’t need to work as hard.

We’ll Work with Your Ducts

Speaking of overworking HVAC units, with proper ductwork sealing expect a decrease in your energy bills. When everything is connected properly and sealed tight, the air stays where it belongs, inside your home. The more air that remains inside, the more effective our HVAC unit is and it can take a much-needed break. Expect smaller energy bills, improved comfort, and a longer equipment lifespan with properly sealed ducts. At Bradberry Service Company, Inc. we strive to keep your duct leakage at a bare minimum. Allow us to analyze and diagnose your duct system to determine the best course of action.

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